It has always been said that is the worst website ever. Some, however, remain skeptical. I went to the viewers for feedback; perhaps this can convince everyone once and for all of how bad this site really is.

wtbusby: is sweet
wtbusby: i’ve just been chillaxin there for like 15 minutesnakedpenguin409: its
nakedpenguin409: common
nakedpenguin409: ordinary
nakedpenguin409: but
nakedpenguin409: addicting

jr0b0t: isn’t the worst website ever
jr0b0t: it sure comes pretty damn close tho.

Shimquist: man rocks!
Shimquist: i am so high right now…

stinkeydaikon: afurushoto.komu
stinkeydaikon: its awesome
stinkeydaikon: it excited me sexually
stinkeydaikon: like no website has ever done before

Burt Hogan: is so sweet
Burt Hogan: When I first saw it I was like “shit, meet pants”

alexjalepeno: Awfulshot is the gayest thing ever.